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A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) typically works in a hospital or long-term care facility, such as a nursing home, to provide basic care to patients. CNAs perform a number of important tasks, including:

  • Serving meals and helping patients eat
  • Measuring patients’ vital signs
  • Repositioning and transferring patients between wheelchairs and beds
  • Cleaning patients
  • Helping patients use the restroom and dress

CNA regulations and requirements vary by state. Typically, a CNA must complete some mandatory training on the basic principles of nursing. Additionally, a CNA will complete supervised clinical work. CNA training can be completed in a community college, vocational/trade school, or in a hospital or nursing home.

What are the top requirements to become a CNA?

1.  Have a High School Diploma or GED


2.  Complete a CNA Program

3.  Complete Reading and Math Competency Tests

4.  Earn Your CPR Certification

5.  Complete Your Training Health Requirements


6.  Apply for Your State CNA License

What are the topics covered on the CNA PRACTICE TEST?

There are 18 areas that will be tested on this exam. They are:

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Body mechanics
  • Range of motion
  • Mental health
  • Aging process
  • Nutrition
  • Daily living activities
  • Personal care
  • Safety
  • Vital signs and testing
  • Cultural and spiritual needs
  • Client rights
  • Ethical and legal issues
  • Communication
  • Data collection
  • Role and responsibility of CNA
  • Medical terminology
  • Infection control

Regarding the clinical skills test, the responsibilities that will be evaluated vary, but some of the most common ones are providing catheter care, assessing vital signs, relocating a patient from the bed to a chair, and gait belt transfer. It is important to remember that, although you won’t know ahead of time all of the duties that will be assessed, the one skill you will always be expected to demonstrate is your handwashing technique. If you don’t wash your hands for the required 20 seconds, an automatic fail will result.

What is the cost of the CNA exam?

The cost of the CNA Exam depends on the state in which it is taken. On average, it is $100.

What are the testing dates and locations?


CNA testing is typically done throughout the year and can be done at various sites. It is best to consult with your training instructor to find the testing sites available in your area.

What should I do the day of the exam?

Bring two forms of identification, with at least one being a picture ID. Do not bring into the testing area personal items such as a calculator or cell phone.

How do I get my CNA test certification?

You will first need to enroll in a training program that is approved by your state. After completing the state-approved program, you will then be ready to take the exam for your CNA certification. Practice with our CNA Practice test to save you time. We are currently in the process of adding more CNA practice test questions, so please check back often.

How long does it take to become a certified nursing assistant?

Depending on where you live and which training program you will be taking, you can expect to complete the CNA program between 6 to 12 weeks.

How much does a CNA make an hour?


As of April 2018, the median hourly range for a CNA is $15 per hour. The hourly range is between $14-$17 per hour depending on a variety of factors.

What is a CNA certification?

A CNA Certification Exam is the second step in becoming a certified CNA. It is a two-part, multiple-choice test that generally takes 90 minutes to complete.

How long is CNA license good for?

A CNA license is valid for 24 months. Some states require that you have worked for at least 8 hours during this 24 month time. If you did not work at least 8 hours during this time, you will be required to take a competency evaluation test if your state requires it.

What is the CNA exam?

The CNA exam is a certification for those who wish to become a certified nursing assistant. The CNA exam will consist of a written portion and a clinical skills test.

How much does it cost to take a CNA test?

The cost to take the CNA test will vary between states. Most states charge $80 to $100 for both sections of the CNA exam.

How long do I have to wait to take my state test for CNA?


Some states allow you to have 12 months after completing your training to get your CNA certification.

What score do you have to get to pass the CNA test?

Each state has their own passing score regarding the CNA test. Some states require you to achieve 70 to 75% while others may require you to achieve 80%.

How much is a CNA salary?

The average annual salary for a CNA is between $20,075-$34,126.

What are the duties of a CNA?

There are a variety of duties that a CNA will have. The main role of a CNA is to provide basic care to patients, but a CNA might also work with billing software.

Who is a CNA?

A Certified Nursing Assistant, or a CNA, is a healthcare professional that assists patients in a variety of medical settings. CNAs work under the direct supervision of a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), a Registered Nurse (RN), or other authoritative medical professionals.

What can you do as a CNA in a hospital?

A CNA that works in a hospital can expect to aid the nursing staff in every aspect regarding patient care. CNAs may be required to monitor blood pressure and vital signs, help move and clean patients, as well as respond to calls.

How many hours do you work as a CNA?

Depending on your facility, anywhere from 32-40 hours per week is considered full time.


What is CNA salary per hour?

The national average salary for a CNA is anywhere from $8.55-$16.62 with the median hourly rate at $11.54.

Is the CNA exam hard?

As with any test, the better you prepare, the better you will do. Free practice tests are a great way to prepare for the CNA. Our free CNA practice test have detailed answer explanations to help you learn the material.

What happens if I don’t pass the exam?

The majority of states allow you to take the exam three times within two years of finishing your training program. It is only necessary to retake the section you failed. For example, if on your first try you passed the written exam but failed clinical skills, you only need to retake the clinical skills portion.

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