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1. The portion of the tooth covered with enamel is known as the


2. Spongy bone is also known as


3. Which of the following are types of carbide burs?
1. Round fissure
2. Tapered crosscut fissure
3. Straight crosscut fissure
4. Inverted cone fissure


4. Which of the following are indications for radiographs?

1. To detect bone loss
2. To detect carious lesions
3. Done if a full set was done before two years have elapsed
4. Done prior to oral surgery


5. Glass ionomer contains _____, which is released slowly into the tooth structures.


6. Steam sterilization under pressure can be achieved with a/an


7. Lab cases such as dentures or partials should be


8. For operative dentistry, zinc phosphate cement is used


9. Finishing discs come in x-fine, fine, medium, and coarse grits.


10. A custom tray can be used only for the patient it was fabricated for.


11. Dental units and chairs should be cleaned


12. Suction lines can be cleaned with


13. The permanent dentition consists of _____ teeth.


14. The _____ is a lead disk that is placed over the opening of the x-ray head.


15. The pulp is composed of the
1. pulp chamber.
2. coronal pulp.
3. tertiary dentin.
4. radicular pulp.


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