ECG Exam 2022


EKG Technicians administer a variety of cardiovascular tests, including the electrocardiogram (EKG) which measures the electrical activity of your heart through small electrodes. The EKG records your heart’s activity as a graph of lines, with spikes and dips known as waves. It provides doctors with important information about the health of your heart.

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The major extra cellular ion is:

Ventricular diastole refers to ventricular:

The course of blood flow through the heart and lungs is referred to as:

How many cardiac monitoring pads are utilized when obtaining a 12-lead EKG?

One cardiac cycle occurs every:

The major blood vessel that receives blood from the head and upper extremities and transports it to the heart is the:

The heart chamber with the thickest myocardium is the:

The heart rate for this patient is approximately:


The left side of the heart is referred to as high pressure.

This tracing is an example of:

use the 6 sec tracing above to answer question below

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EKGs can reveal evidence of a heart attack or heart disease. They can also give clues about heart birth defects, problems with your heart valves, muscles and pericardial sacs, irregular heartbeats, artery blockages and heart failure. One of the jobs of an EKG technician is to administer this vital test. EKG techs may also instruct patients on use of the Holter monitor, which is a portable version of the EKG. And EKG technicians with advanced training may administer “stress tests” which involve testing patients while they use a treadmill.

Once the tests are administered, EKG technicians edit the data and highlight anomalies and areas of concern. They present it all to the presiding physicians so the doctors can interpret the information. Techs may also need to transcribe the doctor’s notes so that the healthcare team can do all that is necessary to provide excellent patient care and treatment.


EKG techs have a lot of direct patient interaction. They make appointments and explain procedures. They also prepare patients for their tests and keep them as calm as possible during the procedures so the results are as accurate as they can be.