NCLEX-RN Practice Test 2021

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1. The client with diabetes is preparing for discharge. During dis-charge teaching, the nurse assesses the client’s ability to care for himself. Which statement made by the client would indicate a need for follow-up after discharge?


2. The physician has ordered the Schilling test for a patient with suspected pernicious anemia. What other vitamin level is often assessed at the same time as the B12 level?


3. The nurse notes variable decelerations on the fetal monitor strip. The most appropriate initial action would be to:


4. The nurse is providing dietary instructions to the mother of a four-year-old diagnosed with celiac disease. Which food, if selected by the mother, would indicate her understanding of the dietary instructions?


5. The home health nurse is planning for the day’s visits. Which client should be seen first?


6. Which information should be given to the patient undergoing radiation therapy for breast cancer?


7. A client being treated with Coumadin (sodium warfarin) has an INR of 8.0. Which intervention is appropriate based on the INR level?


8. A client is scheduled for surgery in the morning. Which of the following is the primary preoperative responsibility of the nurse?


9. The nurse is performing discharge teaching on a client with diverticulitis who has been placed on a low-roughage diet. Which food would have to be eliminated from this client’s diet?


10. A 25-year-old client arrives in the emergency room with a possible fracture of the right femur. The nurse should anticipate an order for:


11. Which of the following would be most appropriate for the nurse to wear when providing direct care to a client with influenza?


12. The physician has ordered Coumadin (sodium warfarin) for a client with thrombophlebitis. The order should be entered to administer the medication at:


13. A home health nurse is making preparations for morning visits. Which one of the following clients should the nurse visit first?


14. The nurse has just received the change of shift report. Which client should the nurse assess first?


15. The nurse is making assignments for the day. Which client should be assigned to the pregnant nurse?


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