FREE PHLEBOTOMY Practice Test 2021

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1. You are asked to draw for Blood Urea Nitrate (BUN), Bilirubin direct and CBC what is the proper order of draw?


2. If you draw a sample culture and sensitivity, what section of the lab would receive that?


3. Infections that originate in hospitals are known as:


4. Red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets make up what percent of blood volume:


5. If a person donates 500 ml of blood how many weeks does it take for your body to replenish the amount lost?


6. What is the proper way to identify a patient?


7. Which tube(s) contain anticoagulants?


8. Before someone donates whole blood; what test is done?


9. What color tube does one use when drawing for a reticulocyte count?


10. In which direction should the bevel be facing upon entering the arm?


11. If a patient declines medical treatment; what is the first thing you do?


12. When performing a phlebotomy procedure never perform the following:


13. If someone is admitted to the emergency department unconscious how do we identify them, until they can be property identified?


14. If a patient is on an aspirin regimen; what would be most affected?


15. Capillary samples are collected normally from which part of the body?


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